ARTfarm is OPEN Saturday 10am-12 noon…Meloncholy

Things have been quiet! Come out and keep Farmer Luca company!

We’ve got luscious melons! Yellow flashed watermelons and sweet green mini honeydews

Saturday, December 9: For the early birds: the first of our cherry tomatoes, the first few bunches of cooking greens, yellow fleshed watermelons, a few Sakata sweet Japanese melons. AND for late birds we will have lots of crisp lettuce heads, cucumbers, radishes, baby carrots, onions, green sweet bell peppers, Italian basil, lemon basil, Thai basil, garlic chives, cilantro, dill, parsley, lemongrass, baby ginger, baby turmeric, two different types of butternut squash.

For your restoration efforts, we have pineapple slips for planting, and of course plenty of native trees to re-plant our island!

For all birds: We still have some free Caribbean birdseed left! 

ARTfarm Open Saturday 10am – 12 noon

Saturday farmstand: come out for tons of cucumbers, lettuce heads, a little bit of sweet salad mix, Italian basil, lemon basil, dill, garlic chives, cilantro, parsley, the first of our onions, radishes, a few Sakata melons, baby turmeric, baby ginger, and lemongrass! 10am – 12 noon down the South Shore!

Early Bird Watermelon!

Psssst… We’ve got one tray of petite but sweet yellow fleshed watermelons. Unbelievably tasty. First come first served! Open 10 AM — 12 noon today (Saturday)! South Shore Rd. between Ha’Penny and the Boy Scout Camp. 

ARTfarm Saturday! Get in the Healthy Habit!

img_9827We are back to our usual routine of Saturday morning market from 10 AM to 12 noon. Business has been pretty slow, we are hoping that folks will get back in the habit of swinging by for fresh ARTfarm produce! Tell a friend to support local small farms and bring them with you!!

For Saturday morning we will have lots of cucumbers, lettuce heads, baby ginger, baby turmeric, cilantro, dill, garlic chives, Italian basil, lemon basil, Thai basil, Sakata sweet mini honeydew melons, lemongrass, recao and radishes. We are still working on clearing up space and securing structures to allow people into the farmstand area, so we may still set up on tables in the parking lot tomorrow.

Give wildlife a leg up! We have lots of native trees for sale, and FREE Caribbean birdseed from the St. Croix Environmental Association. Please bring a bag or container for birdseed!


Visit our GoFundMe page and help us rebuild!

We are still fundraising to rebuild Luca’s seedling house, and our art studio/gallery, both of which were smashed by Hurricane Maria. You can help us with our goals at ! Thank you!

Giving Thanks Day


Happy turkey day from ARTfarm.

We want to give a great big thank you to all of the people who have made our lives possible and made them better. We are grateful that we have a place to farm, and the tools and supporters to make that happen.

If you are doing some holiday shopping this weekend, consider an ARTfarm gift certificate for your loved ones. We also have beautiful one-of-a-kind monoprints and original artwork available through our gofundme fundraising efforts to rebuild our seedling house and art gallery that were destroyed by Hurricane Maria. We’ve raised nearly $4,000 of the $23,000 needed, GIVE THANKS!!  Visit to donate and get an original piece of ARTfarm art! 


The farmers have been hard at work on some beautiful art. We are making some botanical and farm scene monoprints and paintings to help us raise funds for our hurricane recovery efforts on the farm.

A special thank you Bob Boyan and our other super farmer volunteers.We’re grateful that there are amazing customers and chefs who appreciate the stuff we grow and the work that goes into it, and regularly buy our produce. We are thankful for the family members and volunteers that have been helping us with removing debris, weeding gardens, rebuilding fences and demo-ing our destroyed buildings.

The farmstands have been very slow, we know that many of our loyal regular customers are off island right now. We are dividing our time between fundraising, rebuilding, and producing food and art, with the hopes that people will come back in a month or so to be here for the holidays and eat our food!


Our pastured birds eat bugs, weeds and fresh sunflower seeds in addition to vegetarian poultry feed. We hope someday to feed them exclusively from what we can grow on the farm.

Enjoy the holiday season! We will see you soon! Love, ARTfarm

Giving Thanks and Mini ARTfarmstand TODAY 3-4pm

Baby ginger and turmeric make a great holiday spice or tea. Add a little cinnamon for a wonderful chai or throw a bit in your blender with a smoothie and give your immune system an anti-inflammatory boost! Also makes a great holidaywarming gift for a health-conscious friend!

A brief 3-4pm window today (Wednesday) to pick up produce! Limited selection until we catch up with the storm damage and have more time for harvesting. Cucumber salad with some apple cider vinegar makes a great refreshing side with all of the heavy holiday treats!

We are still so busy with storm recovery projects! Sales were pretty slow on Saturday, so we are just running a mini-farmstand today from 3-4 for the few customers who are interested in produce before Saturday. Drop us a line on Facebook or here on our website to let us know if you’re coming!

Available today: Cucumbers, sweet potatoes, tender no-peel baby turmeric and ginger.

We also have free Caribbean birdseed available to help you feed your doves and pigeons and other wild birds still making a comeback from hurricane Maria. Thanks to the St. Croix Environmental Association! Bring your own bag if possible for seed.

Unfortunately we won’t have time to harvest other things for today. But, add to that list for Saturday: Beautiful lettuce heads, radishes, sweet crunchy sakata melons (mini honeydew) and a wide assortment of fresh herbs.

Tomatoes are setting fruit and ready in about 3 weeks. Butternut squash coming soon, maybe Saturday. Baby carrots soon!

ARTfarm OPEN Saturday! 10 AM – 12 Noon – FREE Hummingbird Feeders

A hummingbird rests on aloe flowers. Post hurricane Maria.

Tiny hummingbirds are important pollinators and you can help them recover from the storm!

Hey folks, we are back! We will be open Saturday morning November 18th 2017 at 10 AM! Lots of fresh crispy goodies for our customers today, plus free hummingbird feeders and bird seed courtesy of St. Croix Environmental Association (SEA) and Birds Caribbean!

Farmer Luca is so excited to see our customers!

Saturday farmstand: lots of cucumbers, lettuce heads, sweet potatoes, loads of thin skinned baby ginger and baby turmeric varieties from Hawaii. Garlic chives, cilantro, dill, parsley, recao, lemongrass, Italian basil, lemon basil and native trees for sale!

Help our island wildlife recover! The free hummingbird feeders from SEA are absolutely beautiful and professional grade. They were donated by Birds Caribbean, a nonprofit wildlife organization, to help maintain our bird populations. (After Hugo, many of these hummingbird and bananaquit populations were precipitously reduced.) The feeders are super sized, with glass reservoirs and a water tray built in on top to prevent ants from invading! They can service many birds at one time. They will come with instructions, a hanging hook and a little bit of wildlife information plus a recipe for making the nectar safely and properly for our wonderful avian pollinators! One feeder per family, please. We also have a specially formulated Caribbean bird seed mix. Bring your own container or bag for bird seed.

You can also sign up to be on SEA’s website email list, and even update your membership with SEA at the farmstand!

We are also updating ARTfarm’s website this evening with our Hurricane Maria story and photos, and a link to our crowdfunding page where you can learn more about helping ARTfarm recover from the CAT5 storm of September 19th. Thanks to all who insisted we fundraise. ❤

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