ARTfarm open today 3-6 PM

Open at ARTfarm today, 3–6 p.m.: we have lots of salad greens, lots of tomatoes , lots of corn! And a bunch of other goodies!

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  1. Hi wish we knew where you were and would love to find you bye

  2. We are staying at the reef on the Far East end of the island. Can you give us directions to your market?

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    • The link I sent you has the directions. Your best bet is to get a free tourist map and look us up on there. We are a few miles west of the Reef on the South Shore rd. (due south of Gallows Bay, west of Great Pond Bay, east of the oil refinery) on Rt. 62. We’re listed on the St. Croix This Week magazine map and the St. Croix Pocket Map, both of which are free and available at most gas stations and shops. We’ll be open again on Saturday 10am – 12 noon!

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