ARTbarn Gallery

hand carved driftwood

eventually (2007, Christina Frederick Gasperi)

The ARTbarn was an old underutilized ten by twelve foot tool shed on the other side of the farm. We needed to move it out of the way in order to finish lining a rain catchment pond, so we decided to crane it up and see if it held together long enough to relocate over near our farmstand. Indeed she did, so we cut an extra door in her and set her on a nice fresh concrete slab.


The ARTbarn gallery – as you enter the farm!

She now serves as an art gallery and the entrance to our farmstand. Customers park in our parking lot and walk through our gates, through the ARTbarn, and under a tree to the farmstand. It’s still a somewhat breezy and exposed location, so we don’t generally hang delicate works that require climate and humidity control.

Other outdoor spaces for the display of art are available, too. Eventually we would like to see sculptures around the farm entrance and in the pastures.

By default we hang a show of Christina and Luca’s work in the ARTbarn. But we are interested in showing other artists, too, and have done so several times. One of us is usually nearby during the farmstand, and we are both artists and arts professionals. Any artists interested in showing their work in the ARTbarn or in the pastures of ARTfarm, should make an appointment to come visit us on a Saturday during farmstand hours and show us what you’ve got!

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  1. Good luck with your gallery, hope to see photos sometime

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