ARTfarm Summer Saturday 10am – 12 noon

Open 10am – 12 noon this morning on the South Shore: the very last few bags of sweet mix for the summer, beautiful papayas, pineapples and mangoes, Mediterranean figs, dragonfruit, sweet potatoes, onions, dandelion greens, mint, basil, lemongrass, chives and eggs. We’ll continue to be open into the summer months as long as we have fruit. Thank you for your support!

Wednesday 3-5:30, Summer Solstice

It is officially summer, the slowest part of the year for us. We’ll continue to be open as long as we have fruit. Open 3-5:30 this afternoon on the South Shore: the last batch of sweet salad mix for the summer, beautiful papaya, Julie mangoes, Mediterranean figs, dragonfruit, sweet potatoes, chives, recao, basil, parsley, and Trinidad seasoning peppers. 

ARTfarm Saturday 10am – 12 noon

Slow down for summer! Saturday’s harvest list: Sweet mix, red sweet potatoes, yellow seasoning peppers, orange fleshed pumpkin, some emerald green Malabar (vine) spinach, recao, basil, lemongrass, papaya, Julie mangoes, pineapples, dragonfruit, Mediterranean figs. See you down the South Shore in the morning! Thank you for supporting small family farms and local businesses like ours. 

Wednesday ARTfarm Summer Afternoons…aaaaaahhhhh

It’s fruity early summer. Mangoes and pineapples are suddenly ripe. Things are heating up and the soil is retaining more heat through the night. Lettuces have started to bolt in earnest. We’ve got sweet salad mix for you today, but we’ll be taking a temporary break from our regular salad mix production to work on some farm projects. It will return to the lineup soon. 

Today’s harvest, open 3-5:30pm: Sweet mix, sweet potatoes, pineapples, mangoes, papaya, onions, lemongrass, recao, chives, basil, and passionfruit.

Thanks everyone we are grateful for your support! 

ARTfarm Saturday 10am – 12 noon

Everything produced at ARTfarm on the South Shore for you this morning: Sweet salad mix, loads of papaya, pineapples, dragonfruit, passionfruit, lots of sweet potato, Italian basil, garlic chives, recao, fennel, dandelion greens, sweet potato greens, a few onions, assorted pumpkins, ARTfarm-grown mangoes, bell peppers, serrano and yellow seasoning peppers, fresh ginger and turmeric, eggs, and zinnia flowers!! From our partners, Fiddlewood Farm goat cheese and select Yellow Door veggies and eggs. 

See you at ARTfarm! 10am – 12 noon on the S. Shore Rd. between Ha’Penny and the Boy Scout camp. 

Love, ARTfarm

Hey Wednesday Sweetness

Farmer Roi, what a sweet (potato) heart! 

Tomatoes might be done but the mangoes have begun!! The crowds have mostly dispersed and the ARTfarm is settling in for a blessedly slower summer season. Congratulations to all the recent graduates, go out and be the change you want to see!

3pm – 5:30 this afternoon: Loads of sweet salad mix, onions, garlic chives, Italian basil, lots of sweet potatoes, our own mangoes (Manzano, Julie, and Edwards are the varieties available today). Recao, serrano peppers, yellow seasoning peppers, fresh ginger and turmeric, pineapple, dragonfruit, and zinnia flowers. 

Saturday ARTfarm Fruitiness!

10am – 12 noon down the South Shore road we’ve got your treats: Sweet salad mix, bunched arugula, loads of papaya, ripe sweet dragonfruit, crazy good pineapple, the last last last of the season’s tomatoes (just a few!), loads of sweet potato, pumpkin slices, onions, dandelion greens, all of our peppers, Italian basil, garlic chives, recao, lemongrass, ginger root, turmeric, tamarind and cocoa pods, passionfruit, zinnia flowers, and the first of our own Manzano mangoes for the summer!!

From our farming partners: delicious fresh local mild goat cheese from Fiddlewood Farm. Heather and Matthew at Yellow Door Farm plan to bring a few dozen eggs, lime and cinnamon basil, poblano peppers and eggplant.

Enjoy the weekend! And congratulations to all the recent graduates!

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