Bertha & You at ARTfarm! 10am – 12noon!

When we say rain or shine, we really mean it!

And when you say you need mamey sapote and salad greens no matter what, we take you seriously!

And whatever it was you did for a rain dance, people…? That was fabulous. Now do it one more time… With feeling.

Brave the Bertha and come out: ARTfarm microgreens, baby spicy salad mix, baby arugula, cucumbers, onions, bananas, papaya, passionfruit. Mangoes and mamey sapote from Tropical Exotics, amazing summer ice cream flavors from I-Sha.

11am update: Not many braving the weather this morning. We are packing up… If you need something stop by & call the number on the fence. We will help you out!

A relaxing Saturday in paradise

No day is sacred when the compost needs to be made. Here’s Luca enjoying the stinkiness of rotting plant and animal material. We primarily compost fish and lobster carcasses from some of our restaurant chefs, and spent grains from the local microbrewery. It’s powerful.

Honey Flow!

There are at least a dozen species of flowering trees going off this month at ARTfarm and around the South Shore zone, and our newly recolonized beehive is working very hard to keep up.
A closeup of about fifty honeybees loitering around the entrance to a painted wooden beehive.


Things are pretty wet around here. Just when we think it is going to finally stop raining, it starts again. We had to cancel a school’s field trip visit to us today because it was just too muddy.

Hoping that the greens can tough it out and the abundant frogs locate the abundant caterpillars. We’ll be open for Saturday’s farmstand at 10am but it will be interesting to see what we can harvest! Hopefully it will dry out in the next few days.

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