EMF-Free ARTfarm Open Saturday 10am-12noon!

These heirloom yellow fleshed watermelons are outrageous! We are also having a bumper crop of figs after a couple years of not so great production. We think the figs like the full water tables we are experiencing after the flooding Hurricane Maria rains!

We may not have current, but we are far from ‘powerless’! Bounty begins for the season! Sweet salad mix, red and green leaf lettuce heads, lots of slicing tomatoes, a few heirloom tomatoes, lots of cherry tomatoes, lots of fresh crunchy sweet just-picked cucumbers, lots of green bell peppers, baby ginger, baby turmeric, baby carrots, onions, various plethora of cooking greens, two kinds of butternut squash, radishes, Italian basil, garlic chives, cilantro, dill, parsley, holy basil, lemongrass, red fleshed watermelon, Sakata sweet melons, and lots of figs!

We had a fantastic farmstand last Saturday. With the customer entrance area under repair, we are still setting up tables in the parking lot. We started with a full pickup bed of produce, and everything was gone except for a few cucumbers by the end. It seems like just about every one of our familiar customers stopped by (including several chefs!), thank you so much everyone! It gives us such a lift to see that people appreciate our efforts. We have suddenly raised over $20,000 (thanks to one large anonymous donor!!!) on our GoFundMe campaign (total goal of $23,000) and are moving ahead with rebuilding our seedling house, and seeking help designing an off grid power system for the farm refrigeration units.

We still have not gotten electricity back on the South Shore. We are guessing it might be spring before we get our grid power restored here at the far end of feeder 3A. We have frankly been enjoying the starry skies at night without the sodium-vapor glare of the streetlights. If anyone with their current restored has extra solar lights they are willing to pass on, our farm workers could use them so they can stop stubbing their toes on the furniture at night.

Speaking of farmworkers, Roi is back! We were so happy to have our familiar friend return. He will be here for a month or two working on restoring gates and fences that were damaged in the hurricane.

We have also welcomed newcomer Todd to the farm this winter. He is a vegan farmer with a big heart from Boulder Colorado who wanted to come down and offer some hurricane relief volunteer work. He loves St. Croix’s reggae music and is excited to learn about subtropical farming techniques!

Giving Thanks Day


Happy turkey day from ARTfarm.

We want to give a great big thank you to all of the people who have made our lives possible and made them better. We are grateful that we have a place to farm, and the tools and supporters to make that happen.

If you are doing some holiday shopping this weekend, consider an ARTfarm gift certificate for your loved ones. We also have beautiful one-of-a-kind monoprints and original artwork available through our gofundme fundraising efforts to rebuild our seedling house and art gallery that were destroyed by Hurricane Maria. We’ve raised nearly $4,000 of the $23,000 needed, GIVE THANKS!!  Visit http://gofundme.com/artfarmllc to donate and get an original piece of ARTfarm art! 


The farmers have been hard at work on some beautiful art. We are making some botanical and farm scene monoprints and paintings to help us raise funds for our hurricane recovery efforts on the farm.

A special thank you Bob Boyan and our other super farmer volunteers.We’re grateful that there are amazing customers and chefs who appreciate the stuff we grow and the work that goes into it, and regularly buy our produce. We are thankful for the family members and volunteers that have been helping us with removing debris, weeding gardens, rebuilding fences and demo-ing our destroyed buildings.

The farmstands have been very slow, we know that many of our loyal regular customers are off island right now. We are dividing our time between fundraising, rebuilding, and producing food and art, with the hopes that people will come back in a month or so to be here for the holidays and eat our food!


Our pastured birds eat bugs, weeds and fresh sunflower seeds in addition to vegetarian poultry feed. We hope someday to feed them exclusively from what we can grow on the farm.

Enjoy the holiday season! We will see you soon! Love, ARTfarm

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